Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the curriculum register free?

Yes, resume registration is free.

I can not move to the 2nd step of the curriculum vitae. What to do?

You will only be able to advance to step 2 if you have filled in all the fields that are required. Also check your browser. For best performance on our site we recommend that you use the Google Chrome browser or Internet Explorer version 11. If that is not the problem, please use our contact form by clicking here reporting and report the problem.

I forgot my email and / or password.

The data recovery can be done through the site by the link: Retrieve Password, you will receive in your email access data. If you do not receive it, check in your electronic trash or use our contact form clicking here requesting the access data.

How to apply for a vacancy?

To participate in the selection processes of the vacancies it is necessary to have the registration on the Luandre website. After registering on the site perform the job search, when you find the vacancy you want to click the “I want to participate” button.

I can not find the jobs.

To search for vacancies it is necessary to fill only 1 field. The vacancy code is not required.

How do I access my registration?

Access the link and enter your email and password in the “I am already registered” part.

When will I get back on the selective processes that I am participating in?

Our consultants analyze the curricula daily, the return of the selective processes is done by email (also check in your electronic junk) or telephone, but you can also follow the status of the process in the candidate’s portal in “my subscriptions”. We remind you that the chances of you being called to participate in an interview increase when you participate in processes that are in accordance with your professional profile.

How to edit my resume or registration?

Any type of change in the curriculum and / or registration must be done through the Candidate Portal. Access the link and enter your email and password in the “I am already registered” section and click the resume edit button.

How do I delete my resume?

We offer three solutions to this question:
1º – Disable the “Activate Curriculum” option, where your curriculum will be hidden for research. Use this option if you do not have the need to delete your resume.
2 – Disable the “Be visible in the database” option, where your resume will be disabled in the system for a period of six months.
3º – Delete your registration completely from our system.
For all options, simply access the Candidate Portal with your login and password and go to Settings and then click on the Delete Registration button.

What do I do if my CPF is already registered?

Use our contact form by clicking here with your CPF requesting access data.

When I try to access my registration, an invalid email message appears. What should I do?

In these cases or your email is wrong register or you do not have the register on the site, to verify if you have the registration use our contact form clicking here next to your CPF requesting the access data.

What if I can not find my course?

Use our contact form clicking here requesting the creation of the course and the degree of professional training.

How can I be sure that the curriculum vitae has been completed?

After completing your registration on the website, the message “successful registration” will appear. Soon you will receive an email confirmation of registration. From this, your data is already included in our Database.

Do you have questions about career, resume, or other subjects?

Access our Blog and stay on top of what the experts say. You can also contact us and send us your question.